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     Being able to hire quality cleaners has proven to be rather tricky for me in the past. But I certainly got the best when I enquired about a big service from Charlton Cleaning. What I heard in terms of pricing was perfect, and on the day, the team that arrived to take on the job was top-notch, were of the highest order. Their experience and level of expertise shone through, and it resulted in a brilliant experience.
K. Hazelwood19/05/2020
     This cleaning service does exceptional work. They get the flat cleaner than it has ever been. I recommend them to anyone.
Kay Everson19/09/2019
     I've written a few negative reviews in the past but this is the first time that I've felt the need to leave a positive message. I recently hired Charlton Carpet Cleaning Service to help me with some house cleaning after my life got a bit hectic. They understood immediately and everyone I talked to at the company was incredibly competent. That ran through to the results and, after they left, I was amazed by how quickly they had transformed the home. Happy to put my name behind they high quality work.
Benjamin Gray05/11/2015
     CharltonCarpetCleaners rendered a super carpet cleaning service for us after we did some decorating. The cleaning technicians did a super job getting rid of the dirt and also helping to eliminate germs that can often breed in the fibres of the carpets. I was so pleased with the end result and the charge.
Janet Henderson14/07/2015
     I do a lot of entertaining at home, and the best part that I like about CharltonCarpetCleaners is that their cleaners never complain about the amount of work they have, nor do they make excuses and charge extra. They have been kind enough to sometimes book me in at short notice and I have enjoyed the way they have gone about cleaning my place. My kitchen and bathroom always get the attention they deserve so I really don't know what I would do without them! Definitely the best cleaning service in town!
     Having used the carpet cleaning services of this company I feel I can recommend their services to others. The workmen who arrived at my home conducted themselves in a professional manner and always kept me informed of the work they were doing and how long it would take. The cleanliness and condition of the carpet afterwards was very satisfying and I was indeed amazed at the difference in it which I was promised would be the case beforehand. So thanks again to the chaps who came to my home and the pleasant experience I had overall with CharltonCarpetCleaners. I am going to call again soon for your mattress cleaning service.
Bob F.13/08/2014
     I've used CharltonCarpetCleaners's cleaners for a few jobs around my house before (carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning) so when it came to moving out I knew that they'd be perfect for my end of tenancy clean. I already knew to expect a high standard, but the condition that they actually left my house in was astounding! I've never seen the property looking so clean - even when I first moved in! I'll continue to use this company and its talented cleaners when I move out - I've never used such an impressive or reliable cleaning service before and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for end of tenancy cleaning help!
Josephine E.08/07/2014
     The staff at CharltonCarpetCleaners were some of the nicest people I have ever had the experience working with. When looking for cleaners for my business, I needed people who would be able to do exactly what I need and get along with my staff and that's just what I got. The cleaners were happy to do what I needed, work to my schedule and more. Each one was pleasant to talk to and my staff enjoyed their company. I didn't think a cleaning firm would be able to do the job well and be able to impress me on a personal level, but CharltonCarpetCleaners did that.
Freda Thornton20/06/2014
     I was ill in hospital and due to go home and dreading the buildup of household chores. I suggested to my husband to call a company I had heard good reviews about. He called on CharltonCarpetCleaners to arrange an appointment to get the work done before I was discharged. The booking was the day before so as I arrived home the place was immaculate. My husband said they were a friendly team and worked hard. From seeing the quality of the work I can tell it was money well spent. My home looks so clean and tidy, it's amazing. I will be making another booking soon.
Z. Barry26/05/2014
     When I needed someone to help with my end of tenancy cleaning I called CharltonCarpetCleaners. My mum regularly gets her whole house cleaned by this company, and I've always found the cleaners to be very professional and good at their jobs. I was moving house, and with a million jobs to get done I just didn't have time to even think about my end of tenancy clean! Luckily for me, the cleaner I hired was very efficient and got straight to work. My house looked great by the end of the day, and even my landlord was impressed! I'd use this service again!
     I have used many cleaning companies in the past, but none of them compare to CharltonCarpetCleaners. There was no fussing a faffing around. I simply called them, told them when to come, what to do and bam! They did exactly what I wanted them to do and that too at a very high quality. They allowed me to pick and choose the days and times for them to come and this fit in great with my lifestyle. I am not charged too much which means I can treat myself to the occasional spa day. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great house cleaners.
Cheryl Mcdonald27/03/2014
     Domestic chores are not my forte, and I feel that it is a bit of a waste of time to even bother with cleaning, when I know that I could get a professional in for a small price. CharltonCarpetCleaners have always done a great job at my place, and I can't imagine that they would be any different for anyone else. They are cheap, efficient, and good for a natter, which makes all the difference. Don't get carried away though, as you'll be talking on your own time, they aren't doing it for free!!
Shelia Spencer05/03/2014
     I wish I'd hired CharltonCarpetCleaners sooner! I was having to spend a lot of time at work and the cleanliness of my home was really suffering. I wanted to find a house cleaning company to give me the help I wanted, and I'm really pleased with the service I've received! I now have a house that's clean, tidy and always ready to be shown off to guests, friends and family. This is a cleaning service that I couldn't trust any more than I do! Thanks! The staff are brilliant, the prices are fair and I had no idea my house could look this good!

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